All of our medical professionals at Health Advantage Physical Medicine provide the most reliable customized care, options and results to our patients. When new patients come in, they quickly are recognized as part of our family and we get straight to the subject of their concern. Besides providing the answers and solutions to many medical ailments, our medical team wants to inform our patients and educate them about what is happening in their body. The most important step towards better health is empowering you to understand what’s going on.  Allergies are a common medical condition in which the patient may not even be aware of the cause or causes. We want to help you.

Allergies can start out as a minor discomfort and often become a more serious issue with time. Health Advantage Physical Medicine offers allergy testing to pinpoint the specific causes of a patient’s symptoms and provide information on how to avoid them moving forward. Allergies can present themselves in different ways in different people; the most common forms arise as breathing problems, but other signs that the body is being irritated by an outside factor can include hives, swelling, and nasal and sinus problems. Food allergies, insect stings, and drug and vaccine reactions are also common in many individuals. Environmental factors such as pollen, pet dander, grass, and mold can also be sources of irritation and allergic reaction. We can run tests to identify what each of our patients is reacting to, and use the results to avoid future allergic reactions.