Chronic pain is not something to treat lightly. While you may be able to keep it under control with consistent pain medication or even more invasive methods, there may be a better, more effective option.

Your spinal disks consist of soft, sponge-like material that cushion the vertebrae in your spine, preventing them from rubbing against each other. Many times, whether caused by accidents, poor posture, or other conditions, these disks either become compressed (meaning they shrink down to where the vertebrae may be touching), they become inflamed and bulge out, or are herniated (meaning that the disc is injured on the inside). All of these conditions can be extremely painful, and many times can be solved or helped with cervical or lumbar decompression.

When you have an injured disc, it’s not just the health of the vertebrae that you have to worry about. The spine is a hub for all of the nerves in your body, and having a bulging or slipped disc pressed up against a nerve can cause intense pain in your back, your neck, and even your legs (with a condition known as sciatica). With spinal decompression, we are able to cause a negative pressure on the spinal discs, allowing them to retract and even give healing cells and water the opportunity to repair the injured areas.

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