Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

Doing positive things for your health can be extremely rewarding. Remember you are never too old, out of shape, or overweight to begin making healthy changes. For many people, the most difficult part of developing healthy habits Is knowing where to begin. Our team at Health Advantage Physical Medicine in Pasadena can work with you to address any underlying issues. We will also help make the changes feel easier as well as help you be more successful with your goal of developing healthy habits. Here are a few ways you can get started living a healthier lifestyle.

Change Your Diet

One of the best healthy habits to develop is eating a well-balanced diet. The percentage of Americans that eat a healthy, well-balanced diet is fairly low. Changing your diet to include more fresh fruits and vegetables will go a long way in helping to reduce your risk of heart disease and it will provide you with natural energy. If you struggle with eating fresh fruits and vegetables, start slow by eating one healthy snack each day. Continue to add one more fruit and vegetable daily to help you get to the recommended allotment per day.

Exercise Daily

Getting in the habit of exercising daily may be a struggle, but if you are consistent, it will pay off for your health. Keep in mind that you don’t have to run out and buy expensive equipment to get healthy. Including exercise into your daily habits for maintaining your health can be something as simple as going for a short walk around your neighborhood. Daily exercise will help you keep your heart healthy and your blood pressure and weight down.

We’re Here to Help in Pasadena, CA

When you are making your plan for developing healthy habits, it should include small, realistic goals and the specific actions you will take to move toward those goals. We’re here to help! Call us today at (626)-798-7805 to schedule an appointment at Health Advantage Physical Medicine.

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