Tech Neck FAQs

Tech Neck FAQs from Health Advantage Physical Medicine in Pasadena, CA

Tech neck, or text neck, is not an official diagnosis, but it is a real and common issue. Learn more about this condition, how to treat it, and how to prevent it below.

What Is Tech Neck?

Tech neck is a term used for pain and discomfort that occurs due to hanging one’s head over an object, most often a mobile device. However, the condition can occur if you hang over a book to read or even your desk to look down at paper. Tech neck occurs when your head is leaning down for long periods and your shoulders typically follow.

What Are the Symptoms of Tech Neck?

There are several symptoms associated with tech neck, the most common of which being pain in the upper back, neck, and shoulders. The pain may be sharp or more of a general ache, and you’ll likely notice tightness that limits your mobility.

Tech neck often causes the neck muscles to be stiff and spasm. This leads to headaches that are difficult to get rid of. The pain and stiffness typically worsen when you repeat the action of leaning over your phone, desk, or whatever.

You might also notice that your head and shoulders begin to naturally fall forward. This is because the muscles around your upper back, neck, and chest have become imbalanced from sitting improperly.

Can Tech Neck Be Treated?

Massage therapy can help loosen tight muscles. Chiropractic adjustments can help get the spine back in alignment, ensuring that the head, neck, and spine are all supporting you properly.

A combination of these treatments can promote relaxation, relieve stiffness and muscle tension, and decrease any pain you experience. Additionally, our chiropractor can provide recommendations for any lifestyle changes you can make to keep the pain away.

How Can I Prevent Tech Neck?

The main prevention method is to practice good posture. Don’t sit looking down at your phone, book, or another object. Instead, hold these things up closer to eye level.

Additionally, take breaks from staring at these objects. Take some time to stretch your neck and back muscles regularly throughout the day. Exercising can help build up these muscles, making them better able to handle the weight of leaning forward.

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Tech neck doesn’t have to be a permanent issue in your life. Give our team a call at (626) 798-7805, so we can develop a customized integrated treatment plan for you.

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