Important Health Alert!

This is your ADVANCE notice.

Don’t say we didn’t ALERT you.

This important health alert can change your life. Do you have aging parents or grandparents? If you answered YES to this question, do not ignore this Important Health Alert!

How old are they now? In fact, how old is your oldest grandparent that ever lived? Is it 80, 90, or 100 years old? I don’t know if you’ve thought about this or not, but you have their genes. Your innate, genetic potential is to live at least as long as your grandparents, or longer. What does this mean to you?

Fill in the blanks and find out your M-PYR™, Minimum Potential Years Remaining.

  • Your oldest grandparent ever             _____
  • Your current age                                      _____
  • Your M-PYR (1 – 2)                                 _____
  • How many years do you have left? Based on your current health condition and your lifestyle, will these years be pain free, healthy ones or are you on the path for a deteriorating future?

    If you are in pain now, and you don’t solve the problem, how will you feel in a decade?

    If you are sick now, how sick will you be in a decade?

    If you take over the counter or prescription drugs, how many more drugs will you take over the next decade if you don’t solve your problem? The FDA’s drug testing process for side effects is only 8 years. Do you really want to submit to decades of drug use that goes beyond these limits?

    You do have another choice and your body has the ability to heal itself.

    That’s right. No matter how much pain you have or how sick you have been, your body is a self healing, self-regulating system that is constantly working to heal itself from everything including daily pains and the common cold to conditions like headaches, heart disease and cancer. Seeking physical therapy from health care professionals can save you from strife, and it can save your life down the line! That’s what our staff aims to do when they provide physical therapy here at our Pasadena office. Our therapists aim to aid your body in healing itself.

    Our office works with your body to strengthen its natural health and healing capabilities. This could be a much better immediate and long term solution for you and your family and WE WANT TO HELP YOU!


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