Causes of Lower Back Pain in Pasadena Area

Are you suffering from lower back pain and live in the Pasadena, California area? You may benefit from the numerous therapies that we offer here at Health Advantage. Our professional physical therapists are trained and specialized to work with those who suffer from back pain. Back issues can arise from a number of sources, all of which can stack and add up to serious issues:


As the human body ages, it naturally loses some of its resilience. And our backs depend on that: resilience. An old skeletal system can lose bone density, cartilage, and joint and tendon mass. Loss of these masses can result in wear and tear on one’s back, and it can result in back pain.

Physical Activity

Physical activities and athletic pursuits can also cause troublesome back issues. Sports that require lots of twisting actions, for example golf, can injure a back or cause a slipped disc. Here at Health Advantage, we can correct a slipped or bulging disc and return you to full health in a jiff!


After long expanses of immobility, the joints and muscles surrounding a spine may seize up or lose mass. This can result in asymmetries in the back which may cause back pain. We recommend an active lifestyle with plenty of low impact stretching to avoid back injuries caused by immobility.


Certain folks are prone to contracting spinal disc diseases due to their genetics. It’s an unfortunate fact, but back pain may run in the family! Seek help from Health Advantage if you suffer from lower back pain here in Pasadena!

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