Knee Pain Pasadena: Common Causes of Knee Pain

General discomfort in the knees is a common occurrence, especially among older individuals and those who are active. The knee is a complex joints with several ligaments connecting cartilage and bone. Our knees are built to handle our entire body weight, but they are liable to fail or falter due to overuse, inactivity, injury, disease, and natural aging.

Overuse of The Knee

Athletes very often overuse their knee joints during exercise. Knee injury commonly occurs in high-impact sports like skiing or running. To avoid injury from exercise, be sure to stretch your knee properly, monitor your diet, and visit a therapist if you’re experiencing knee pain.

Inactive Knees

Inactivity can cause the muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and bone within the knee to weaken. Inactivity increases the risk of knee failure, and it can cause knee pain when walking.

Knee Injuries

The knee, like any body part, is liable to become injured. The knee can be easily hyperextended due to an accident.

Knee Diseases

Arthritis and other joint, bone, and cartilage diseases can affect the knee joints and cause knee pain.

Aging & The Knee

The body simply wears over years of use. And knees aren’t immune to the effects of aging. Knee pain, neck pain, and back pain are very common consequences of aging.

Regardless of the cause of your joint pain, there are relief solutions. Count on the therapist professionals here at Health Advantage if you have knee pain or other joint pain. Chiropracticacupuncture, massage, and physical therapy may aid you in regaining full motion and relieving your knee pain.

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