Breaking Back-Breaking Habits Part I

Do you suffer from back pain? What do you reckon is the source of your sores? Back pain is prevalent in America; WebMD claims that there are over 100 million cases of back pain in the United States alone. That means that our backs are, unfortunately, rather weak. If you think about it, everybody gets a bit of back pain from time to time. So if you suffer from back pain, take a moment to reflect on your day-to-day routine. Do you partake in bad habits that’ve resulted in a bad back? Well today’s the day to fix those habits. Here’s how:

Kick the Commute

Your daily commute could be the cause of your back pain. How much time do you spend behind the wheel? If you can, try biking to work once a week (be sure that your bike is properly adjusted for your height, or you can worsen your back pain). Also, adjust your car seat. By switching to an upright, 90-degree angle and pushing your seat forward you’ll mitigate commute-induced back pain.

Buy a Standing Desk

Sitting at your desk is a back buster. If you’re a desk worker, consider switching to a standing desk. If your boss won’t leap at the idea, be sure that you’re stretching throughout the day. Take a few minutes every hour to get up, walk around and stretch. Your back will thank you.

Changing your habits just might save your back. Stay posted to learn how to beat further back-breaking habits. And of course, make an occasional trip to your chiropractor to soothe your back pain.

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