Why We Use a Team Approach

The body is complex; and whole body health requires whole-body attention. That’s why offer comprehensive therapy here at Health Advantage of Pasadena. We have a team of therapists, each specializing in an individual field. In this way, we can use a variety of techniques to treat ailments, aches, and pains. Our staff includes chiropractors, an acupuncturist, a physician’s assistant, a massage therapist, and a medical director. When you work with Health Advantage, you gain the advantage of complete therapy from a number of expert specialists.

The Health Advantage Difference

With traditional therapy centers, you may be able to treat an ailment wholly. If, for instance, you suffer from back pain, several chiropractic adjustments may help you relieve your pain. However, problems aren’t always that simple, and solutions may be complex. With our team, we can try a variety of therapy techniques, and we’ll hone in on a form of therapy or mixture of therapies that works best for your particular situation. Often, our therapy forms work hand in hand with each other and can provide accelerated and amplified results.

The Health Advantage Team

As a team, we’re here to collaborate to give you optimal health. We strive to earn life-long clients who come to trust our wellness center. We bring over 75 years of combined experience to the table, and it’s this expertise that makes our outfit a premier health center. You can learn more about the Health Advantage Team here. Or, if you’d like to schedule appointment, click the link here.


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