Swimming to Keep Cool and Stay Pain-Free

With summer underway, families across the country are enjoying the summer sun. Hiking, biking, volleyball in the sand on the beach, backyard barbecues complete with three-legged races are taking place all across California as we speak! If you suffer from knee pain, though, you can be relegated to the sidelines, feeling left out while others participate in summer activities. But don’t despair just yet. If you’re suffering from knee pain that keeps you from enjoying family time, you aren’t without options. Why not try swimming?

Cool and Pain-Free Fun

Swimming is a great way to combat the summer heat; it is also a great way for those suffering from aches and pains to enjoy time with their families. It’s a low-impact activity, gentle enough for most to participate in without discomfort. There are also other benefits as well:

  • As a low-impact activity, swimming provides a great way to exercise and condition your body. Other similar aerobic exercises like jogging or walking can be tough on your knees, but water cushions and supports the body, meaning there is less stress and pressure on your joints.
  • Swimming isn’t just fun; it’s also a form of active stretching. To put it another way, swimming can help improve your muscles’ range of motion and help you feel better when you’re out of the water as well.
  • Water naturally counteracts the effects of gravity. The buoyancy you experience in the pool or ocean provides the perfect environment for relaxing your body, and it can help to relieve certain types of pain.

As with any type of physical activity, it’s important to check with your physician and chiropractor beforehand. Swimming can be a great way to enjoy the summer, but you don’t want to risk aggravating any existing injuries or potentially making your pain worse. Make an appointment with Health Advantage of Pasadena today to learn more about how to enjoy the summer without aggravating your knee pain.

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