Inflection Points

So, how are your New Year’s resolutions going?

If you are like most people you start out with great intentions, excitement and commitment that this year is going to be different. Unfortunately, by February you are off track and not fulfilling your commitment to really make a change.

Most New Year’s resolutions are the same ones made the previous years.

How many years have you made the same resolutions only to fail keeping them?

What happens all too often is in the course of our journey we have disruptions that knock us off track and we never quite recover. These disruptions are more common than not and seem to block any progress. Sickness, injuries, invitations to multiple parties, rain, cold, work, family, laziness can all disrupt our resolutions that is if we let them, or perhaps they can serve us.

We need to embrace the disruptions in life as inflection points that can help to grow in our journey. They can cause to pause and reflect and regroup to get back on track. An airplane flying from Los Angeles to Honolulu is off course 90% of the time but the pilot and the computer guidance system on board is regrouping and making course corrections to get back on track so that the plane arrives at its destination even though it was off course most of the time. This is true of us on our journey and we need to learn to use these disruptions as inflection points to evaluate where we are and how to get back on track.

Here are some skills to help us embrace disruptions and use them as inflection points.

  • Celebrate the smallest success as steps forward
  • Welcome unexpected change in your life as an opportunity to evaluate your journey or you will get stuck where you are.
  • Tune out distracting voices that can deflect you off course or you will wander aimlessly
  • Be grateful for all things in your life, good and bad, or you will become bored and bitter
  • Discover the ability to find strength in God when your strength runs out or the weight of your responsibilities will overwhelm you.
  • Share the journey with others, inspire them or be plagued with loneliness and self pity
  • Have the ability to keep focused on the destination when things get blurry
  • Distractions will happen.

    The question is will it disrupt you or give you a chance to strengthen your journey. It is time to get back on track and if you get off course, reflect where you are and make the course corrections to complete the journey.

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