Get Growing

“You are either getting better or getting worse. There is no neutral, so get better.”-Unknown

Many people have used this quote or a similar variation because it is so true. In life, you are improving or falling behind. To improve you must grow.

It’s easy to see growth in children. They grow bigger, taller faster and smarter. You see growth in maturity, performance, and accomplishments in others but what you may not see is the process they went through to grow. All you see is the by-product or end result

In life, you are green you are growing but if you are ripe you rot. That is why it is so important to consciously and intentionally get better and grow.

So what are the patterns of growth and how do the top performers implement this process?

It starts with awareness.

One sees areas they need to improve on and take action. The first action might be identifying obstacles to growth. You may need some help, instruction, mentoring or counseling. Once the obstacles are identified they can be addressed.

This will provide the solutions to growth that can be implemented and the process is moved along. For many, this is the toughest part. The solutions usually require changes in attitude, commitment, actions and the ability to persist. One naturally may want to revert back to old habits when the going gets tough but the solution for growth is putting in place new habits and committing to them.

Remember this: Good habits are hard to put in place but they are easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to put in place but they are hard to live with.

Once the solutions are put in place you can start to enjoy the increases in growth. You will notice new attitudes, new results, new opportunities and a new reality. This will require that you become aware of the changes and celebrate the victories no matter how small.

Then the process starts again as your new reality exposes new areas of growth that can be explored and you then notice the obstacles, find solutions, enjoy the increase and see the new patterns which then expose areas to grow.

Yes it never ends but the alternative is to regress, get worse, decline and get stuck in a rut.  The choice is yours. It mostly always is. Most people have complete control over their choices but they do not have control over the consequences, good or bad. In your life choose grows as the creator expects us to grow while we are here on this earth. We grow through the journey and God has equipped us with the capacity and talent to weather the journey and grow in the process.

Welcome challenges, they are an opportunity to grow and make a difference in our own life and in others.

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