Say Yes to No

When you say yes to something, what are you saying no to? You make many choices each and every day and although we control our choices in life, we do not control the consequences of the choices.

When it comes to your health what are you saying yes to? Are you saying yes to energy enhancers or energy drainers?

Smoking, drinking excess alcohol, fast food, high sugar, no sleep, negative attitudes, negative people, laziness, procrastination, etc…. all are energy drainers. Saying yes to these things says no to energy enhancers. Exercise, fruits and vegetables, sleep, prayer, meditation, journaling, serving, helping, a positive attitude, etc…..”When you say yes to something, it’s imperative that you understand what you are saying no to,” says Gary Keller in his best-selling book, “The One Thing.” The art of saying yes is, by default the art of saying no. Saying yes to everyone is the same as saying yes to nothing.

If you look at your life and you were honest with yourself you could identify at least One Thing that you could do that would make the biggest difference in your life overall. You could even break it down to the areas of your life such as health, relationship, career, spirituality and identify One Thing in each of these areas that would make the biggest difference. This is your priority. What are you saying yes to say’s no in other areas.

Let’s take personal health as an example. In most people the number one thing they could do that would make the biggest difference would be to exercise regularly. Saying yes to exercise says no to sleeping in, watching TV, surfing the internet, excess drinking, smoking and since you have to fuel this body so you can perform you’ll start saying yes to fruit and vegetables and lean proteins. You’ll say no to junk food and sodas and excess portions. When you eat right and exercise you’ll say yes to proper rest and not staying up late watching TV.

Saying yes says no to detriments to your life. Saying no to bad things disciplines your life and as you discipline yourself you create good habits and it becomes easier and natural for you.

Start slowly and say yes to those things that empower you and you’ll start saying no to the things that rob you of your power. As you gain victory in the small things it expands to bigger things and better outcomes.

Make the change. We are here to help you discover the energy enhancers and identify the energy drainers to rev you up and get you going as well and as long as possible. Change is immediate but the results come later but it starts with the first step in the right direction. GO!

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