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 If you think of your hormones as the body's chemical messengers, it may all too apparent that your body isn't quite getting the message. Natural aging or certain medical issues can cause the endocrine system to malfunction, allowing male or female hormone levels to drop and causing a variety of unpleasant symptoms. Here at Health Advantage Physical Medicine, we can correct that balance the safe, natural way through our bioidentical hormone treatment in Pasadena CA.

How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Improve Quality of Life

Hormones essentially serve as control mechanisms for the body's countless everyday functions. Your sex drive, digestion, metabolism, physical growth, and many other factors are governed by these amazing chemicals. Unfortunately, the glands that produce various kinds of hormones don't always do their jobs adequately. Sometimes this is just a part of getting older, as estrogen and testosterone levels are both expected to drop in your later years, for instance.

Decreased hormone levels can cause symptoms resembling menopause, like hot flashes, mood swings, and other discomforts of menopause; they can also cause a "male menopause" (andropause) characterizes by weight gain, sluggishness, hair loss, muscle loss, and other issues in men. Other common symptoms of inadequate hormone levels include lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, muscle and joint pains, and decreased sexual performance. Hormone replacement therapy is a means of bringing hormone levels back up a sufficient level to reduce these uncomfortable symptoms and improve quality of life.

Hormones may be administered in the form of creams, pills, tablets, gels, or implanted pellets that sit just beneath the skin. But the synthetic hormones that have been so widely used for this treatment in the past are not a close match for the real thing, which means that their effects may be overly harsh or insufficiently effective. Bioidentical hormone pellets, which are taken from natural sources, are much closer to your body's own hormones in composition and effect, making them the preferred form of care.

Part of Our Integrated Medicine Practice

Our clinic is happy to administer bio-identical hormone treatment as part of our dedication to providing comprehensive health services, including integrated medicine in Pasadena, CA. An initial blood test can give us an accurate picture of your hormonal balance. If an underlying medical condition is causing your hormonal issues, we will recommend for that condition as well. Once we've determined that hormone replacement therapy is a wise course of action, we will insert the necessary pellets under your skin, where they should emit their hormones for a few months before requiring replacement.

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