Bioidentical Hormone FAQs

If you are suffering from fatigue, low libido, excessive hair loss, or trouble losing weight, then you may be a good candidate for bioidentical hormone therapy. Here at Health Advantage Physical Medicine in Pasadena, California, we practice holistic health care. Using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, also called natural hormone therapy, our integrated health professionals are able to realign your hormone levels. Find out more about non-surgical BHRT prior to your appointment at Health Advantage Physical Medicine.

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How Do Hormones Affect Me?

Hormones are the body’s chemicals that control all variety of motor functions and organ functioning. Hormones control everything from energy levels to physical changes in the body. As we age, our bodies produce fewer hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. 

Can Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Successfully Treat Low Hormone Levels?

Fortunately, through bioidentical hormone replacement treatments, we can help replenish these natural hormones. By using bioidentical hormones that are designed for your system, you can benefit a hormone boost without adverse side effects. Low thyroid, low estrogen, low T, and low progesterone are all treated using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. 

What Can I Expect When Seeking Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Pasadena, California?

When you visit Health Advantage Physical Medicine for bioidentical hormone therapy in Pasadena, California, you are in the best care. We focus on integrated health care at our practice. This holistic approach allows our team to provide you with a full spectrum of healthcare services that compliment bioidentical hormone therapy.

For your first visit, we start by conducting a physical exam and health history along with a blood test to check your hormone levels. Based on this comprehensive health information, we are able to personalize a treatment plan that can be tailored as your hormone levels improve.

What Does Bioidentical Hormone Treatments Look Like?

Here at Health Advantage Physical Medicine, we insert hormone replacement pellets beneath the upper layer of skin. These pellets then release hormones in a timely manner for months at a time. After this initial treatment, you will need to get these hormone replacement pellets replaced to continue the therapy.

Start Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Pasadena, CA Today

Get started with bioidentical hormone therapy in Pasadena, CA by contacting the professionals here at Health Advantage Physical Medicine. We also provide PRP or platelet-rich plasma treatments as part of our integrated health care approach. Along with a team of chiropractors, we also offer massage therapy, acupuncture, and primary medical care. These professionals help patients recover from shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, and back pain without drugs or surgery. 

Contact our office today at (626)-798-7805 to schedule an appointment. 

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