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  • Why Stress Affects Everyone Differently
    It is well documented that high levels of stress can contribute to heart disease, cancer, headaches, ulcers, digestive disturbances, backaches and nearly every other condition known to mankind. How can one Read more
  • Massage and Athletic Performance
    Working out can take its toll. As you exert yourself on the court, the field, or the track, you’re demanding high performance from your body. Now, that can mean injury and Read more
  • The Best Low Impact Sports Part II
    In our last blog, we began mentioning that low-impact sports are ideal for those looking to keep healthy while avoiding joint pain, injury, and a bout of physical therapy. We pointed out Read more
  • The Best Low Impact Sports Part I
    Okay, so you’ve been a sports fanatic since you learned to walk. You learned to catch a baseball before you learned to read. You earned the all-conference title for lacrosse Read more
  • Swimming to Keep Cool and Stay Pain-Free
    With summer underway, families across the country are enjoying the summer sun. Hiking, biking, volleyball in the sand on the beach, backyard barbecues complete with three-legged races are taking place Read more
  • Why We Use a Team Approach
    The body is complex; and whole body health requires whole-body attention. That’s why offer comprehensive therapy here at Health Advantage of Pasadena. We have a team of therapists, each specializing Read more
  • Relieving Your Body’s Pain Through Acupuncture
    Enduring pain can be taxing. A throbbing neck can cause headaches and it can keep you from attaining restful sleep. An irked back can distract you throughout the day and Read more
  • Summer Gardening Tips
    The summer heat is here, which means that it’s time to get out and enjoy the sunshine. With the hot days, cool nights, barbecues, and pool parties comes another summertime activity: Read more
  • Breaking Back-Breaking Habits Part II
    In our last blog, we’d delved into damaging habits that can harm your back and solutions to those habits. Today, we’re continuing the trend with further ways to break those Read more
  • Breaking Back-Breaking Habits Part I
    Do you suffer from back pain? What do you reckon is the source of your sores? Back pain is prevalent in America; WebMD claims that there are over 100 million cases Read more

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