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  • Best Physical Therapy in Pasadena
    Have you had surgery recently or are you going through a recovery process from an injury? Don’t do it alone! At Health Advantage Physical Medicine of Pasadena, we offer every Read more
  • Learn About the Benefits of Prenatal Massage
    Isn’t the ability to grow another human being inside of your body an incredible process? Your body transforms into the perfect environment to nourish and develop a child. The miracle Read more
  • Learn About the Art of Acupuncture
    How Does Acupuncture Work?Acupuncture is a therapy service used to relieve pain and pressure. Needles are inserted into trigger points, which are tender or painful points on the body caused Read more
  • Essential Innervation – Your Body Natural IT System™
    In today’s virtual world we all know the importance of a healthy IT system. This Information and Technology (IT) infrastructure is necessary for our homes, offices, and the communication between Read more
  • Important Health Alert!
    This is your ADVANCE notice.Don’t say we didn’t ALERT you.This important health alert can change your life. Do you have aging parents or grandparents? If you answered YES to this Read more
  • Under New Management
    Have you ever seen a sign on a business, “Under New Management?” What comes to mind?Usually it is thoughts of hope, new infusion of energy and resources, the old management Read more
  • Change the Course of History – YOURS
    The lifestyle choices that you make for yourself and your family can literally change the course of your history. It used to be thought that if you had a family Read more
  • How Today’s Pain Becomes Tomorrow’s…
    Is it possible that pain can be your friend? That may sound a little crazy because pain obviously hurts. No one likes this uncomfortable feeling yet upon further examination, you Read more
  • Do You Have An Ostrich In Your Family?
    Have you ever seen a picture of an ostrich with its head buried in the sand? This is one of the funniest scenes in nature, but an unfunny, accurate metaphor Read more
  • What’s Your Number?
    Some people are excited about living to be 100. Some are scared of the thought. Either way, it is important to realize that you may not have a choice. 100 Read more

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