Custom Orthotics and Sandals with Health Advantage Physical Medicine in Pasadena, CA

Health Advantage Physical Medicine, your center for integrated medicine in Pasadena, provides holistic care. This includes the use of custom orthotics that improves quality of life in our patients.

Person suffering from a painful footWhat Are Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are medical devices used to correct health issues beyond what ordinary feet cushions can accomplish. Orthotics work by way of a biochemical interaction that can change how your feet function and not just reduce some of your pain.

What Is The Difference Between Custom Orthotics And Standard Shoe Inserts?

Unlike standard shoe inserts, the medically designed orthotic additions provide more than just minimal support against pain.  Standard shoe inserts may even provide you with extra cushioning around the heels and toes and make wearing shoes more comfortable. However, you probably need some professionally customized orthotics if your feet still hurt after wearing the standard inserts. The reason why is the standard inserts are not engineered for use as a medical device as would be the orthotics.

Why Might Someone Need Custom Orthotics?

If your feet hurt all the time, you might need them. They can even correct stiff joints and help you to more easily walk, run, sit or move your legs again.

What Conditions Are Treated With Custom Orthotics?

Our Health Advantage Physical Medicine staff uses custom orthotics in Pasadena to correct sciatic nerve damage that causes pain to travel from your lower back to your feet. These medically approved inserts also can correct pain from diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and arthritis. We might even recommend them as a flat foot surgical treatment alternative.

Does Pain Relief Come With Using Custom Orthotics?

Because of the way your orthotic devices are designed, they do provide pain relief. This comes by way of the enhanced support not offered by over-the-counter foot products. For best results, we need to make sure they fit snug on your feet.

Can You Put Orthotics In Sandals?

Yes, we help you find the right fit for your more relaxed styles of footwear including sandals. In fact, we provide a number of feet and ankle sandal removable orthotic options.

Contact Health Advantage Physical Medicine for an Appointment

Contact Health Advantage Physical Medicine at (626)-798-7805 or email us to make an appointment if you want to be fitted for custom orthotics in Pasadena. Our integrated health professionals will make you comfortable every step of the way when helping you improve quality of life.

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