Get To Your Ideal Weight!

Feel Better Than Ever!

Dr. Jennifer Johnson, an expert in weight management and optimal performance is offering to a limited number of participants a 12-week body transformation program that will get you to your ideal weight, optimal health and performance.


No drugs, no gimmicks just scientifically based strategies that achieve short and long term results and teaches you how to maintain the positive health trajectory you will be on.

  • One on one consultation and evaluation
  • Customized health optimization plan
  • Weekly check-ins and management
  • Access by phone or e-mail for questions
  • Long term results
  • Lower Blood Pressure Lower Bad Cholesterol Increase Energy Naturally Improve Performance Improve Mood and Self-Confidence

On Thursday March 19th, 2020 there will be a thirty-minute introductory information session so you can learn about the program, ask questions and determine if you are ready to make some life-altering changes. You can even sign up that evening!

RSVP to Health Advantage at (626) 798-7805.

To less of you in 2020!

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