Injectable Vitamins Offered By Your Chiropractor in Pasadena, CA

Injectable vitamins have become a cutting-edge treatment for our patients at Health Advantage Physical Medicine. One of the most common injections we utilize is vitamin B12. B12 is a water-soluble vitamin found in meat and dairy products and plays an important role in brain function and production of blood. When injected, B12 has a multitude of benefits and applications.   It has properties that give our patients more energy and boosts metabolism, which also makes it helpful to our weight loss clients. B12 can also be used to treat amnesia. B12 is a great way to increase energy in patients without the use of caffeine and sugar, cleanse the liver of fat and toxins, and regulate mood, sleep, and appetite. If you’re suffering from low energy in your day-to-day life, or suffering from the other aforementioned ailments, consider injectable vitamin therapy.

As patients get older, their body’s ability to absorb vitamins through normal digestion decreases. Many adults cannot absorb B12 at all. Pills don’t always work because, stomach acids can break down the essential nutrients before the body takes them in.The body will only absorb only a fraction of a pill’s nutrients when taken orally and it does not provide as many benefits. Injections are a direct method to supply the body with the vitamins it needs. B12 is not stored in the body, so a continuous supply is needed. However, the natural energy it provides will last several days from just one injection. Vitamin injections are not recommended for all our patients at Health Advantage Physical Medicine. Those that have a deficiency see the best results.  Set up a consultation with one of our medical professionals to determine if injectable vitamins are a good solution for you.

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