Migraine Nerve Block Treatment in Pasadena, CA

One of Health Advantage Physical Medicine’s most popular alternative treatments for patients is our migraine nerve block practice. Migraines can be a disabling ailment in many patients, causing them excruciating pain, blurred vision, and extreme sensitivity. Many people simply cannot function once a migraine sets in. What modern medicine has allowed us to do is perform a nerve block, which can help ease the pain and symptoms that are caused from a migraine.

Our certified doctors give an injection into the optical nerves located at the back of the head, reducing swelling and inflammation of the tissue. We can also target almost any other nerve in the head that is close to the skin if our doctors see better outcomes for our patients resulting in those areas. The supraorbital nerve near forehead and top of the head is another nerve we can treat. Our patients are sedated and given a local anesthetic before undergoing this procedure and wake up feeling immediately better. Migraine nerve block allows our patients to be able to stop relying on narcotics as their answer, giving them another more effective solution. The effects of nerve block lasts for more than just a single migraine incident, and repeat procedures provide the best results for many of our patients.

If you have consistent migraines, migraine nerve block treatment is something to consider for finding relief and living healthier and happier. It is difficult to predict if this type of injection will help you or not, so it is important to consult with one of our doctors before deciding if this is the right option for you. Patients who have recent onset of pain may respond much better than the ones with a longstanding pain. Let us talk with you today and give you a brighter, less painful tomorrow. We can help you!

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