Non-Surgical Joint and Knee Pain Treatment in Pasadena, CA

Joint and knee pain is one of the most common ailments we see in our patients. The knee is considered a high-class joint and has a range of motion enabled by the muscles that are attached to it; the joint itself consisting of two pads. Most injuries happen when these muscles and cartilage are torn or damaged, resulting in pain and reduced functionality. Knee pain physical therapy can help our patients regain function in the knee, restore strength, and most importantly reduce pain. Health Advantage Physical Medicine provides comfort and results to all our patients that want to just feel better; every day that is less painful and easier to move is a day we made better for you and that is what makes us happy.

Joint and knee pain can be localized or diffuse through the whole knee. Our physical therapists meet with our patients individually to determine the source of the pain, and the best therapy to fix the problem. Knee pain is usually accompanied by physical restriction and our staff of diverse physical therapy professionals focus not only on how to reduce the pain felt but to implement physical therapy that will help you regain your range of motion and ability to move. Specific knee pain therapy treatments vary depending on how severe each client’s case is. We aim to strengthen our patients’ muscles, so the knee becomes more stable and less painful during movement. Paired with other treatments that we offer at our practice, knee pain can be virtually eliminated, giving our patients a new sense of freedom living without pain. Our medical professionals will work together to combine treatments and provide the best plan to target what you need to be done. Your health is our top priority. Please, contact us if you’re suffering from knee pain!

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