• Amelia Armenta
    Medical Director

    Dr. Amelia Armenta is the medical director of Health Advantage Physical Medicine. She brings a wealth of experience as an Internal Medicine doctor dealing with a myriad of problems and has always wanted to bring a holistic approach to health care. She has brought new ideas and areas of focus to the practice to meet the needs of the community. This includes bio-identical hormone treatment and weight loss. She is an avid exercise enthusiast and practices what she preaches Dr. Armenta is an excellent example of what healthy living can do to add years to your life and life to your years.

  • Dr.
    Jennifer Johnson
    DrPH, PT, CSCS

    Dr. Johnson has extensive experience in promoting health and fitness in populations of various ages and levels of athletic ability. Dr. Johnson earned her Master of Physical Therapy degree from Loma Linda University in 2000.  While working as a PT in various settings, Dr. Johnson became interested in understanding the relation between musculoskeletal function as it relates to the prevention of chronic disease. Administering physical therapy to individuals who became injured at work perked her interest in prevention of work-related injuries. While employed by Spine & Sport based in San Diego, California she learned the EPIC protocol and worked closely with a multidisciplinary team of physicians, Chiropractors, and Exercise Physiologists that shared a common goal of returning injured individuals back to work stronger and better armed that their pre-injury level.

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  • Maryam Wanes
    Medical Assistant

    Maryam Wanes is the most valuable player on our team at Health Advantage. She helps both providers and patients. She will be the friendly face who will start your examination with vitals and deliver you to the provider who will start your exam. Maryam does our blood draws and assists in procedures such as Trigger Point Injections, Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), B-12 injections and bio-Identical hormone pellets. She always has time to answer questions and give a friendly smile or words of encouragement. 

  • Lera Sauppe,
    MSN, NP-C
    Board Certified, Family Nurse Practitioner

    Lera Sauppe is our Nurse Practitioner who works under our medical director Dr. Armenta. Lera brings a background of family medicine to our practice. She loves the holistic concept of Health Advantage and that she gets to spend quality time helping people and seeing the progress they make at follow-up exams

  • Eric Chung
    Physician Assistant

    Eric Chung is a Physician Assistant who works under our medical director Dr. Armenta. Eric brings a wealth of expertise in Physical Medicine to Health Advantage. He is an expert in injection techniques and our patients love his gentle touch. He is passionate about returning athletes of all ages and abilities back to participation. He is our go to resource for regenerative medicine such as Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Therapy.

  • Calvin Andal
    Physical Medicine Assistant

    Calvi Andal is the newest member of our Physical Medicine Department. His primary job is to show and help patients with their exercises and stretches. He is patient, knowledgeable and has fit in quickly as a valuable team member at Health Advantage Physical Medicine.

Safe. Effective. Affordable—Physical medicine you can count on.

Our patient-centered approach to care combines with our passion for helping people heal and a dedication to providing dependable services in order to gain and retain our patients’ trust throughout the entire healing process. We offer individually structured programs which are both thorough and efficient while meeting your needs effectively.

By choosing to administer quality care over quantity, we are able to maintain our personal, individualized service for every patient with every session.

At Health Advantage Physical Medicine we understand that, in order to do this, we need to have the right people on our team—people who are experts in their fields, dedicated to and exemplifying our practice’s core values and passionate about their patients. With this in mind, we have acquired a team of knowledgeable, caring and detailed staff and doctors who provide our patients with an optimal experience.

Over 75 years of combined experience, our practitioners work together as a team in order to provide our patients with quality options that lead to real results. In this way, we are able to help you find alternative solutions for your conditions, including:

A New Model

In today’s world you have many choices when it comes to your health and health care. Wellness, preventative, restorative, urgent, acute and emergency care are terms tossed about and may be confusing at times. There is one type of care that has evolved that many people are gravitating towards and is helping them function and feel better. Physical Medicine is a term you will hear about and use more often. But what is it?

Physical Medicine is a term used to describe treatments that are safe, effective and affordable to help people regain, retain and optimize their health and function. It is a combination of treatments that are integrated meaning working together in a coordinated fashion to get the best results faster and safer. These treatments can include:

    • chiropractic care
    • acupuncture
    • massage
    • physical therapy
    • decompression
    • trigger point injections
    • joint injections
    • non-surgical joint and spine procedures such as:
    • Platelet Rich Plasma
    • Stem Cell injections
    • lab work
    • nutritional programs
    • weight loss
    • herbs and supplements
    • purification programs

    Some clinics even include bio-identical hormone treatments for men and women and genetic testing.

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