Preventative Care in Pasadena: An Integrated Medicine Approach

When you're sick, you go to the doctor, but what about when you're doing well? At Health Advantage Physical Medicine in Pasadena, we support our patients' health and wellbeing through preventative care, allowing us to keep our patients feeling good and prevent injuries and illnesses before they occur. Let's talk about why preventative care matters, and what preventative care looks like in an integrated care setting.

Preventative Care in Pasadena: An Integrated Medicine Approach

Why Preventative Care Matters

Just like getting regular oil changes for your car, preventative care helps prevent problems before they happen. As holistic health care providers, we believe that your body has the ability to heal itself. Preventative care supports your immune system, joints, and muscle tissue so that you stay strong and are able to naturally prevent and/or fight off injuries and illnesses that come your way. One of the most common contributors to injury and illness is stress. At Health Advantage Physical Medicine, many of our techniques work with your body to reduce stress, lowering your susceptibility to injury and illness. 

An Integrated Care Approach

Integrated medicine is different from traditional medicine. Rather than a single opinion and course of treatment, our team works together to provide different modalities of treatment. Different treatments have different levels of effectiveness for different people, and levels of effectiveness can be dependent on current physical condition, age, stress level, preexisting conditions, and other factors.

We provide a number of different treatment options, including chiropractic services, physical therapy, spinal decompression, acupuncture, massage therapy, non-surgical joint therapy, and more. Using a combination of these techniques helps your body strengthen itself to stay strong against issues down the line. In the event that you do encounter an injury or illness, you're more likely to recover quickly and easily if you have already been practicing a preventative care regimen. 

Of course, each of our patients are unique. Your preventative care plan is tailored to you, based on your needs and health history. At your first appointment, we'll talk with you to get a better understanding of what treatment modalities make the most sense for your body. Over time, we'll revisit this plan and make adjustments wherever necessary. We believe that you're the expert on your body, and you are in charge of your own care. 

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Ready to get started with a preventative care plan? Call Health Advantage Physical Medicine in Pasadena at 626-798-7805. All new patients receive a free consultation to help you decide if an integrated care approach is a good fit for your holistic health care needs. 

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