PRP and Stem Cell Regeneration FAQs

Here at Health Advantage Physical Medicine, we offer PRP and stem cell regeneration. These are two of the most popular types of treatments we utilize for pain relief and healing. If you are interested in integrated health care in Pasadena, CA, start by learning more about these therapies. Discover how we use platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapy to help patients without drugs or surgery. Using your own genetic material, we provide safe and effective non-surgical treatment methods.

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What is PRP?

PRP, or platelet rich plasma therapy, is a treatment that uses your own blood plasma. This plasma is transformed into PRP using a scientific process. The material is injected into the area where you have pain or an injury, such as joint pain or lower back pain. The cellular material helps to boost healing and regeneration at the cellular level. PRP therapy is useful for treating chronic nerve pain, muscle strains, and tissue injuries.

What is Stem Cell Regeneration?

Stem cell regeneration is a similar technique to PRP. However, with this technique, you are using stem cells for the cellular regeneration process. We take your stem cells and use them to help boost your own cells’ healing and growth. As a result, you can speed up healing after an injury, such as a sports injury or auto accident injury. Stem cell therapy has been widely accepted by individuals as a safe and effective treatment modality.

What Are the Benefits of Integrated Health Care?

By opting for integrated health care here at Health Advantage Physical Medicine, you are able to improve your overall health and wellness with no downtime. When you get a chiropractic adjustment or PRP therapy, you are able to return to work or your regular routine without issue. This is much more efficient compared to surgical methods.

Plus, you can avoid having to take dangerous narcotics for pain relief when you choose integrated health care. Whether you suffer from shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, or joint pain, integrated medicine is a viable solution. Children, expecting mothers, and the elderly are some of our most common patient populations thanks to drug-free and non-surgical methods.

Choose Our Pasadena Integrated Health Care Provider

To get started with PRP therapy or stem cell regeneration, choose one of our integrated health care providers. At Health Advantage Physical Medicine in Pasadena, we specialize in comprehensive health and wellness. Using chiropractic treatments, massage therapy, nutritional advice, and lifestyle counseling, we can help you transform your whole self. Contact our office at (626)-798-7805 to schedule an appointment for PRP or stem cell therapy. Please ask about our current special offers for treatments and services.

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