Jennifer Johnson

Dr. Johnson has extensive experience in promoting health and fitness in populations of various ages and levels of athletic ability. Dr. Johnson earned her Master of Physical Therapy degree from Loma Linda University in 2000.  While working as a PT in various settings, Dr. Johnson became interested in understanding the relation between musculoskeletal function as it relates to the prevention of chronic disease. Administering physical therapy to individuals who became injured at work perked her interest in prevention of work-related injuries. While employed by Spine & Sport based in San Diego, California she learned the EPIC protocol and worked closely with a multidisciplinary team of physicians, Chiropractors, and Exercise Physiologists that shared a common goal of returning injured individuals back to work stronger and better armed that their pre-injury level.

While working with Spine & Sport, Dr. Johnson also learned the empowering relation of active care rehabilitation for pre and post-operative spine by applying research-driven protocols based on loading the spine to achieve optimal function. The marriage of progressive spine loading protocols and EPIC lift protocols prepared workers to return to work with resolution of insufficient spine and core stabilization during poor lifting techniques thereby preventing re-injury.  Dr. Johnson moved closer to home and transitioned to working with acute care patients in a trauma center in Arcadia, California. This is where she became fascinated in how lifestyle relates to chronic disease, especially obesity and diabetes. Dr. Johnson returned to school and completed her doctorate in Public Health with specialization in Prevention of Chronic disease at Loma Linda University in 2017. Soon after graduation while trying to conquer uphill road running, Dr. Johnson became intrigued about the relation of how to maximize strength and endurance. Passing the strength and conditioning exam (CSCS) got her up that hill with ease. Armed with optimal tools to conquer the leading causes of death, and prevention of work-related and sports trauma, she began her hunt to find a multi-disciplinary center that believed in empowering patients to become a warrior in their journey to becoming their healthiest self.

Dr. Johnson has found that place at Health Advantage in Pasadena, California. Health Advantage is a frontier in optimizing health through providing patients with whole-body wellness by offering complementary medicine and whole food herbal nutrition by multiple East-West practitioners under one convenient roof. Medicinal-grade herbal food-based nutrients are available to sharpen efficiency of receptor signaling to speed recovery. Dr. Johnson’s areas of interest include: women’s health, sports injuries, pelvic obliquity, incontinence, pre/post partum, TMJ dysfunction, lumbopelvic insufficiency, and shoulder pathology.

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