1. Chiropractic


    Chiropractic Consultations, examinations, diagnosis, report of findings, treatment options, manual adjustments, low force adjustments, spinal decompression, physiotherapy, supplements, nutritional products, x-ray, orthotics, kinesiotape. more...
  2. Acupuncture


    Acupuncture Consultations, examinations, diagnosis, report of findings, treatment options, needle techniques, physiotherapy, supplements, herbs.more...
  3. Massage Therapy

    Massage Therapy

    Massage Therapy On site massage therapist to provide on-site therapeutic massages, 30 or 50 minute treatments.
  4. Rehabilitation


    Rehabilitation Electrical muscle stimulation, Ultrasound, Hot packs, cryotherapy, low laser light therapy, diathermy, traction, flexion distraction, paraffin wax, myofascial release, post iso-metric relaxation.

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The Health Wellness Center

The Health Wellness Center
Health Advantage and Health Wellness Center

The Health Advantage Health & Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art health facility serving Pasadena, The San Gabriel Valley and Southern California and prides itself on quality and convenient care.

We approach every person individually and provide for them a way to be thoroughly comfortable with their care by giving them options, a chance to ask questions, to be listened to and to have trust in us that we are putting their concerns first. We are thorough in our evaluations and provide safe and effective treatments. We also have a vast network of other providers should the need arise to refer out when appropriate. We believe that education is the key to making the correct health care decisions and a trusting relationship between doctor and patients is primary to achieve the best results.