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Welcome to Health Advantage Physical Medicine in Pasadena, CA

At Health Advantage Physical Medicine we are committed to providing our patients with the friendliest service that consistently exceeds their expectations.

Health Advantage 

1450 N. Lake Ave
Pasadena, CA 91104
P: 626-798-7805 

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Meet the Team

  • Amelia Armenta
    Medical Director

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  • Dr.
    Jennifer Johnson
    DrPH, PT, CSCS

    Dr. Johnson has extensive experience in promoting health and fitness in populations of various ages and levels of athletic ability. Dr. Johnson earned her Master of Physical Therapy degree from Loma Linda University in 2000.  While working as a PT in various settings, Dr. Johnson became interested in understanding the relation between musculoskeletal function as it relates to the prevention of chronic disease. Administering physical therapy to individuals who became injured at work perked her interest in prevention of work-related injuries. While employed by Spine & Sport based in San Diego, California she learned the EPIC protocol and worked closely with a multidisciplinary team of physicians, Chiropractors, and Exercise Physiologists that shared a common goal of returning injured individuals back to work stronger and better armed that their pre-injury level.

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  • Dr.
    Dennis Buckley
    Chiropractor / Clinic Director

    Dr. Dennis Buckley graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1993 with honors. He started practicing in Pasadena and worked with Dr. Michael Budincich for 11 years. He moved to the new Los Angeles College of chiropractic Pasadena clinic as a private practitioner and clinician. In March of 2009 he started The Health Advantage Health and Wellness Center.

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  • Dr. Miwa Yoshida
    Dr. Miwa Yoshida Dr. Miwa Yoshida
    Chiropractor / Clinic Director

    Dr. Miwa Yoshida started her career as a rugby football trainer for Kobe Steelers (10 times Japanese national champion). She loves to study sports injury and training techniques. She has helped trained and treated boxing champions and served as team doctor for professional basketball team in Japan.

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    "An amazing, courteous, professional staff. Explained each step involved with my visit. Very convenient free parking as well."

    "Always a good experience with Dr. B. & staff. Friendly, professional & very knowledgeable! I will be back."

    Gerald S.

    "Fantastic people that are excellent in their field, providing superb service to their clients. HIGHLY recommend."

    Deborah L.

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  • Smart Shoulders

    Our shoulder joints have the greatest range of motion of any of the musculoskeletal joints in our bodies. The shoulder joint is really two joints, the glenohumeral joint between the arm bone (humerus) and the shoulder blade (scapula) and the acromioclavicular joint between the acromion (a bony projection off the scapula) and the collarbone (clavicle). The glenohumeral joint is a ball-and-socket joint and the acromioclavicular joint is a gliding joint. ...

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    A book cover may not necessarily tell the whole story and may not accurately portray the nature of the contents within. Publishing companies pay high salaries to their marketing staff to create cover copy that will entice prospective buyers to make a purchase. But many times the book itself does not ...

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