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Video Testimonials

Ed for healing and performance
Andy for multiple therapies in and integrated setting
Mike Testimonial HA PM
Lydia for Cataplex B
Elvira for Medi-herb and Shamberg’s disease
Lynda for Foot Levelers and Health Advantage Physical Medicine
Nia for Foot Levelers and Cathedral High School Basketball
Jennifer For Health Advantage Physical Medicine with chronic back pain and foot pain
Susan for Health Advantage Physical Medicine for symptoms post-stroke
Curtis and Linda for Weight loss, chiropractic and physical therapy
Justin for Chiropractic and performance
John testimonial for integrated care for shoulder and hip problem
Joanna for Detoxification program, chiropractic and physical therapy
Fred testimonial for integrated care for auto accident and weight loss program

Patients Reviews

Dr. Yoshida is an amazing doctor. I’ve been consulting with her for over a decade since a friend recommended her after my car accident. What’s incredible about Dr. Yoshida is her ability to remember my problem areas just by touch and provides the appropriate treatment. Whenever I feel unwell, I rely on Dr. Yoshida. Of course, the friendly atmosphere of the office staff is also I really appreciate.

Setsuko (Sue) M. | Dec 02, 2023
Dr. Buckley was great. I felt great after the treatment. No pain and improved posture.

Paul N. | Nov 28, 2023

Kunihiko M. | Nov 25, 2023
Very talented and patience with kid adjustments.!! Wonderful.

Jasmine M. | Nov 23, 2023
Always excellent and fast service.

Steve B. | Nov 11, 2023
My body has been completely transformed over the last year thanks to yan and Christian

Christopher (Chris) C. | Nov 10, 2023
Excellent treatment and results.

Richard (Rick) M. | Nov 09, 2023
Great experience with Dr. Buckley and his staff. Very friendly and helpful. I've been a lot better with my back problems using some of the information Dr. Buckley and his team have offered along with the therapy sessions I've attended.

Diego C. | Nov 09, 2023
staff is always accommodating and friendly

Liz G. | Nov 07, 2023
Very knowledgeable people quality. And they have good quality.

Koharig (Julie) P. | Nov 02, 2023
Great help for ongoing sciatic pain

Susan T. | Oct 31, 2023
Thank you thank you for your help Dr. Buckley in getting me back to "working" order!!!

Kathryn (Kathi) P. | Oct 20, 2023