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Video Testimonials

Ed for healing and performance
Andy for multiple therapies in and integrated setting
Mike Testimonial HA PM
Lydia for Cataplex B
Elvira for Medi-herb and Shamberg’s disease
Lynda for Foot Levelers and Health Advantage Physical Medicine
Nia for Foot Levelers and Cathedral High School Basketball
Jennifer For Health Advantage Physical Medicine with chronic back pain and foot pain
Susan for Health Advantage Physical Medicine for symptoms post-stroke
Curtis and Linda for Weight loss, chiropractic and physical therapy
Justin for Chiropractic and performance
John testimonial for integrated care for shoulder and hip problem
Joanna for Detoxification program, chiropractic and physical therapy
Fred testimonial for integrated care for auto accident and weight loss program

Patients Reviews

I love Dr Yoshida and her team at Health Advantage! I’ve been seeing her for almost 20 years! She is a wonderful and caring clinician. Her team reflect her compassionate approach. She takes care of you and I always walk out feeling great

Janein C. | May 30, 2024
Dr Yoshida is knowledgeable and caring.

Beatriz B. | May 17, 2024
My 5-3 -24 Encounter Appointment for Chiropractic assessment and Adjustment, Was very productive; the adjustment I received from him was such a great relief, and realigned everything for stability and relief! Dr. Dennis Buckley- Has gifted hands and “inner vision,” for successfully Treating my difficult, broken Neck from some 40 years ago! His Gifted hand’s (-From on High —from Above

Marquita C. | May 08, 2024
Health Advantage feels like one big family. The atmosphere is pleasant and everyone there is helpful. The doctors take the time to listen and work with you until you find relief for your symptom's. I’m so grateful to have found such a great group of health care workers who really care.

Yolanda S. | Apr 12, 2024
Dr. B. is the best at keeping my spine in line…all the time!

Gerald S. | Apr 10, 2024
Dr. Yoshida is one the best chiropractors doctors. She is patient; talks about the improvement of the patient and explains the best way to be treated.

Celso R. | Apr 10, 2024
The facility is bright and welcoming! Mac is an excellent receptionist, kind and helpful. Both Dr. Tang, the Acupuncturist, and Dr. Lau,the Chiropractor, are highly professionals and skillful in their treatments. I appreciate Dr. Bucky, who is always warm and friendly. He takes time to greet patients and always wearing a welcoming smile. They are the best!

Anne Jong

I don't know what I would do without Dr. Buckley and Dr. Yoshida. They have helped me through some of the most painfully physical experiences, and I'm so happy that they work on fixing the issues instead of covering them up. Yesterday was possibly the worse day for my lower back. There are still some things I need to come back for, but today was a different day thanks to them!!

Cindy Orellana

The office of Health Advantage was close my home a few years ago. But 11 years ago, I moved away about half an hour drive. So, it takes me a whole hour of driving to get treatment there. But their philosophy is integration of medical disciplines. For all these years, I always get both acupuncture and chiropractic treatments on the same day. It's worth the time also because of the quality of the office upholds. I am going to stick with this high standard office!👍 Clara

MNC Cheng

I really enjoy my experience at Health Advantage Physical Medicine. Not only are they VERY professional, organized and clean AND provide all the services that you may need, but all their professional therapist are so kind and knowledgeable. Derek their acupuncturist is fantastic. He's super patient, listens and very thoughtful/caring. So far, my experiences have been fantastic and I have felt great coming out of each session. Their clinical director Stacey Trang is also so kind and thoughtful and takes the time to welcome patrons. You can just feel their work environment and culture is very much like a family and they treat their customers in this manner. Very happy to have found Health Advantage.

Mihail Papadopulos

I highly recommend Health Advantage Physician. All the staff are nice. When I have bad back pain, Dr. Yoshida fixed my problems with her amazing techniques! I definitely go back again!

Chiharu Uchida

Very efficient staff. Never any wait. Dr. Buckley's skill as a practitioner has kept me more than satisfied with his care for twenty years.

Mark Penn