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  • What’s Your Number?
    Some people are excited about living to be 100. Some are scared of the thought. Either way, it is important to realize that you may not have a choice. 100 Read more
  • Physical Therapy Now Available at Health Advantage
    Health Advantage Physical Medicine would like to introduce the newest member of our team, Dr Jennifer Johnson. She is a doctor of public health (DrPH), a physical therapist (PT) and a Read more
  • Great Value at the End of 2017
    The year is coming to an end and this means you have great opportunities to enhance your health entering 2018.There are three areas to consider these last few weeks of Read more
  • Live Your Best Life Now
    From the moment you were conceived, you were blessed with the blueprints, the intelligence, and the Innate Life Expectancy to live an active healthy life to 80, 90, 100 years Read more
  • Physical Activity in Young People
    With the end of summer (it’s still hot) and the start of the school year our attention turns back to children and the return to school or home school activities. Read more
  • Back-to-School Backpack Safety
    Going back to school is an exciting time for parents and students.  Through the hustle and bustle of new teachers, classes, schedules, and friends, an often overlooked aspect of going Read more
  • Summer is Not Over, Yet!
    For those of you that own a pair or pairs of Footlevelers custom foot orthotics/inserts, you know what a difference it makes to be able to stand strong and balanced. Read more
  • How Much Pain Can You Tolerate?
    “How much pain can you tolerate?” is a very interesting question. Some people have a high pain threshold and are very “macho” in their approach as they act like they Read more
  • Change the Course of History – YOURS
    The lifestyle choices that you make for yourself and your family can literally change the course of your history. It used to be thought that if you had a family Read more

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