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Life Changing Tips and Tools for The New Year

Dec 06, 2021
If you are reading this newsletter then you are ready and motivated to make some changes to improve the quality of your life this year.

If you are reading this newsletter then you are ready and motivated to make some changes to improve the quality of your life this year. We have prepared a Healthy New You packet of information here at our chiropractor’s and physical therapist’s office with some motivational tips and some interactive tools to help you make these changes stick.

1.) Daily MotivationPost the daily motivation poster on your refrigerator and the bulletin board in your office. Let it be the reminder you need to be the change, make healthy choices and Get Your ESS in Shape while also focusing your life in a new direction.

2.) The 100YL AssessmentEven if you have taken this assessment before fill it out again and be honest with yourself about your answers. Another year has gone by and you are one year closer to the 100 mark. Use this assessment to evaluate where you are in your journey and shift your choices to get to the next level.

After you fill this out, have a family member or friend fill it out about you and compare their perspective versus your own. This may be the wake-up call you need to follow through on your goals.

3.) M-PYR and Three Life Changing PrinciplesCalculate your empire formula, your Minimum Potential Years Remaining. Let the reality of your extended life motivate you to make changes. On this form, list the immediate and long term changes you want to make to improve your quality of life on multiple levels. It might be your health, and making a commitment to eating, exercising and lifestyle chiropractic care or it might be changing jobs. Review your notes daily and continue to clarify your direction.

4.) Personal Energy InventoryUse this form to keep you aware of how your daily choices impact your energy. You will be amazed at how much younger you feel when you begin trading worry for positive thinking, sitting too much with moving more and medications with chiropractic adjustments. You will begin to feel like a kid again.

5.) Exercise & Self TestsBalance out your exercise with Endurance, Strength and Structure. All three components are absolutely positively necessary to maximize the quality of your life now and as you age. Connect with a personal trainer or the online fitness program at to personalize the endurance and strength portion of your fitness plan.

Consult your chiropractor to ensure that your structure, spine and nervous system are healthy. Together the three components of your ESS will keep you long strong straight and healthy for a lifetime. The Self Tests will give you and your loved ones a base line for starting.

Now is the time to take the lifestyle leap that will ensure that you live your best life every day, regardless of your age, and enjoy a sensational century beginning today.