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TMJ services offered in the greater Pasadena, CA area

If you find eating or talking too difficult because of persistent jaw pain, you may have a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. At Health Advantage Physical Medicine, the experienced team provides personalized chiropractic care to relieve TMJ pain. Call the Pasadena, California, office to schedule a TMJ consultation, or book an evaluation online today. 


What is TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) works like a hinge and allows you to open and close your mouth, chew food, and speak. You have two of these joints, one on each side of your jaw where they connect to the skull.

TMJ disorders describe jaw joint dysfunction that causes pain or difficulties controlling your jawbone. These disorders can develop if you experience an injury to your jaw or have degenerative conditions like arthritis. You might also be at increased risk for TMJ if you grind your teeth or clench your jaw.

Health Advantage Physical Medicine offers comprehensive care for TMJ disorders in adults and children. Team members use chiropractic techniques and other strategies to restore function in your jaw joint and provide lasting relief of pain and other symptoms.

When should I seek medical care for TMJ?

Schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Health Advantage Physical Medicine if you have symptoms of a TMJ disorder, such as:

  • Jaw pain
  • Ear or facial pain
  • Difficulties chewing
  • Clicking or grinding noises with jaw movements

Delaying treatment for TMJ can lead to locking of your jaw joint and you may not be able to fully open or close your mouth.

X-rays and other diagnostic tests are performed in-office to evaluate the health and function of your jaw joint. Based on the severity of your symptoms, practitioners create acustomized care plan to ease symptoms and prevent additional complications.

How is TMJ treated?

The chiropractic treatments available at Health Advantage Physical Medicine can restore the alignment of your jaw joint, so you can open and close your mouth with ease. A chiropractic adjustment can also ensure your spine is properly aligned to alleviate TMJ-related headaches.

In addition to adjustments, practitioners may recommend electrical stimulation and massage therapy to loosen overly tight muscles around your jaw. They can suggest stretching exercises you can do to keep jaw muscles flexible.

Resources are available for stress reduction to prevent the buildup of tension in and around your jaw. Your provider can also discuss other lifestyle changes you can make to support your jaw joint health.

Call Health Advantage Physical Medicine to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for symptoms of a TMJ disorder, or book an appointment online today.