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How Class IV Infrared Laser Light Therapy Can Help Prevent Surgery

Feb 07, 2024
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Class IV infrared laser light therapy is a breakthrough treatment that supports the body’s natural healing abilities. It offers an array of benefits for a range of conditions, without the need for surgery.

Laser therapies provide a broad range of benefits, and of the many types, class IV lasers 

are particularly beneficial in promoting healing. This class of lasers uses diodes that serve as the “engine,” and determine the power level and the wavelength of the emitted light. 

Because class IV infrared laser light therapy stimulates metabolic processes at a cellular level, treatment helps the body heal itself. The team at Health Advantage Physical Medicine in Pasadena, California, provides this innovative, non-invasive treatment that in certain cases, can eliminate the need for surgery. 

The science behind class IV laser therapy

Class IV laser therapy is unique in that it provides energy to cells and causes a series of chemical changes that promote healing. The light energy effectively penetrates the skin and underlying tissues, accelerating your body’s recovery process. 

Damaged cells absorb the light energy, which kicks off a series of biological reactions that promote cell regeneration and increase blood circulation, thereby reducing pain, and decreasing inflammation. 

Unlike lasers of other classes, class IV lasers penetrate deeper into the tissues, providing more effective relief and healing for conditions that were previously only treatable through surgery.

For this reason, class IV laser therapy is gaining attention as an alternative to common surgical procedures, offering a less invasive solution for various conditions. 

Pain management and healing without the scalpel

Immediate pain relief and the ability to promote healing, and improve quality of life without invasive surgery is a major reason to consider class IV laser treatment. It's beneficial in treating musculoskeletal disorders like tendonitis, arthritis, and muscle strains.

By reducing inflammation and stimulating the body's natural healing processes, many of our patients report significant pain relief and improved function without the need for surgery. If you’re concerned about the risks of surgery or prefer to avoid the extended recovery, class IV laser therapy offers an effective alternative. 

Versatility in treatment

Class IV laser therapy can treat a broad range of conditions, making it an invaluable tool. 

It isn’t limited only to pain relief and inflammation reduction but also enhances tissue repair and wound healing. This makes it a beneficial treatment for post-surgical recovery, diabetic ulcers, and other chronic wounds that might otherwise require surgical intervention.

What’s more, in sports medicine, athletes increasingly use class IV laser therapy to accelerate recovery from sports injuries. Athletes looking to return to play quickly and safely can benefit, as it reduces recovery time and enhances the healing of damaged ligaments and muscles.  

Safety and ease of use

Class IV laser therapy is very safe. It's a non-invasive, drug-free treatment with minimal side effects. The therapy sessions are quick, typically lasting only a few minutes, and require no downtime, allowing you to get right back to your daily routine right after treatment.

Long-term benefits

Class IV laser therapy is more than just a quick fix for pain. It tackles the root causes by reducing inflammation and promoting healing. This approach can stop certain conditions from progressing, reducing the chances of needing surgery in the future.  

Class IV laser therapy is paving the way for progressive therapies, changing the way we think about pain management and tissue healing.

While it may not replace the need for surgery in every case, its ability to promote natural healing, reduce pain, and minimize risks makes class IV laser therapy a treatment worth considering. To learn more about this ground-breaking therapy, contact us at Health Advantage Physical Medicine to request an appointment.